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Install MineCraft PE Server on Mac

My daughter began to play MineCraft on the iPad, because some our friends kids where playing. They had the problem at the public servers that they would get robed and everything they build destroyed by other players.
I thought that the problem was solved by installing my own private, so I went to the mine site and downloaded the Server, just to find that its only a server for the Desktop version.

For iOS devices you need to have the Pocket Edition.

So i finally figured it out, I have made a small packet containing the php binary and the PE server.

download the zip file here:

Extract and run in terminal:

chmod 0777

Run the from terminal

And you are up.

Configure the with pico in terminal to your like.

Forward the 19132 port in your router to your server and use your external ip address in MineCraft PE.

I haven’t figured out how to make it use domain names yet.


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